Life is full of choices — Which school should I go to? Which workout is right for me? Should I take that new job? How can I live my best life? — and often we feel the pressure from information overload, which can lead to indecision, a loss of motivation, and the resulting lost opportunities.

This site was born out of the belief that there had to be ways to get more out of life. It began from a desire to push the limits on what was possible to achieve.

This started out as small experiments — trying out strategies and supplements in an attempt to improve focus, productivity, motivation, and health in general.

So if you feel like you’re just dipping your toes into all that life has to offer, and instead want to jump in with a splash and start making real, meaningful waves in your life and the world at large, this site may be for you.

From humble beginnings, starting as a few posts on a small blog, this project has snowballed into an entity of its own — a repository of insights, ideas and experiences — all with the intent on helping you realize your full potential.

Ready to start maximizing your life? Check out our blog, which features articles on topics that range from nootropics to nutrition to fitness.

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