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I first tried Kratom for research purposes when looking into certain health supplements and nootropics. My experience with kratom, while not always completely positive, has been profound and beneficial to me overall. Read more about my experience with Mitrogyna Speciosa in this kratom experience report.

My Kratom Experience

Why Did I Want To Try Kratom?

I first tried kratom as an experiment. I was researching various health supplements and nootropics and came across kratom. While not technically viewed as a nootropic, kratom seemed to have many nootropic-like effects, particularly the kind I was searching for, such as increased focus and motivation and positive feelings. I was looking for a nootropic similar to the caffeine and L-Theanine combination — something simultaneously stimulating and calming that would be beneficial to my work and overall state of mind.

Again, while not officially considered a nootropic, kratom appealed to me after reading through online user experiences, in which many people praised the strong sense of motivation and drive and the warm feelings. On my quest to find the best natural supplements for increasing brainpower and cognitive performance / output, I decided to give kratom a try.

FYI, you can find more user experiences on sites like Erowid, although you may want to read this first so you can avoid the mistakes I made.

My First Kratom Order

After searching around a bit looking for quality kratom vendors, I finally decided to place an order from Coastline Kratom. (Here you can find a list of the best places to buy kratom online.)

starter pack for my first kratom experience

The delivery was timely and arrived in my mailbox a few days later in very discrete packaging. I took the product out of the package and laid it out on my desk, but I waited until the evening to try the kratom, in case I experienced negative side effects (to spare my family from any unusual absence or sudden illness).

My First Kratom Experience

To be honest, my very first experience trying kratom was rather unpleasant. I made the mistake of relying entirely on forum users’ dosing recommendations (in hindsight, not an intelligent thing to do), and this led me to believe that I needed to take more than I probably should have. I was under the impression that I needed to take around 5 grams to get the desired results — and as any experienced kratom user knows, this is a pretty heavy dose for a beginner.

I mixed the kratom powder with orange juice — another amateur mistake — and found that the powder did not mix well at all. For those who don’t know, kratom has an extremely bitter taste, very floral-like, and for those who aren’t used to similar bitter tastes, the taste of something like tea, this taste can be extremely unpleasant. In addition to this, the kratom powder mixed so poorly with the orange juice that visible particles were floating on top. Once I realized that it wasn’t going to mix any better, I took a sip and actually gagged. Then I plugged my nose and choked it down, feeling the floating particles and the grittiness of the mixture (or lack thereof) go down my throat as I swallowed it.

First Experience Effects

I have to say, the effects kicked in pretty quickly.

I first noticed some effects at about the fifteen minute mark — unfortunately none of them positive. Apparently when you take too much, you skip all the positive effects and jump straight to the downright unpleasant ones. I was feeling a light-headedness almost, like I was on the verge of dizziness but not quite there yet. At once I started to worry that perhaps I had taken too much for my first time.

At thirty minutes I was starting to feel slightly nauseous and I was experiencing full-blown vertigo. I realized I probably had taken too much and considered making myself vomit.

At forty-five minutes I had extreme vertigo and nausea. It was a pretty awful sensation. I couldn’t focus on anything because these feelings were so strong and unpleasant. I went and lay down on my back with my eyes closed because it was the only thing I could do to keep from throwing up. It actually helped with the nausea slightly, and after a few minutes I managed to fall asleep.

A little over an hour later I woke up. The vertigo and nausea had lessened significantly, but I still felt a little sick. Other than those effects, I didn’t feel anything else. No positive effects at all. I was becoming very disappointed, starting to think that perhaps this whole kratom thing was a lie. I went to sleep that night disappointed and annoyed, and still slightly sick.

What I Learned From This First Experience

Firstly, I learned that dosing really matters and that you should always start with a very low dose to fully judge your tolerance. I took too much my first time, and I paid the price.

Another important take-away from this terrible first-time experience: Don’t rely exclusively on forum users for dosage recommendations; many of them are likely experience users of whatever substance they’re talking about and have probably forgotten the dose they started at.

Kratom Attempt: Take Two

I took a few days off before trying again. This time I did more research first, and discovered that first-timers should start with around 2 grams.

Once you assess your tolerance to this amount, then you should gradually increase the dosage by about half a gram until you find your “sweet spot.” Experienced kratom users will know what I mean when I say “sweet spot.” For those who are unfamiliar with the term in this context, a “sweet spot” is the optimal dosage for a particular person. Counterintuitively, with kratom, sometimes more isn’t always better — sometimes less is more. For example, after several months of usage and trial and error, I discovered that my “sweet spot” is about 3.6 grams. This was, of course, after getting used to consuming kratom. I certainly don’t recommend first-timers take this amount for their first experience.

For my second attempt, I took only 2 grams, to much better results. I also did not use orange juice this time, and instead went with a recommendation I read online: apple sauce. I mixed the 2 grams with a cup of apple sauce, and it mixed surprisingly well (though it did turn the apple sauce a disturbing greenish-brown color). The taste was still not good by any means, but it wasn’t horrible. Anyway, I was able to get it down in only a few large bites.

Kratom: A Source of Hope and Motivation

The effects kicked in at around the half-hour mark. It was like a slow-creeping euphoria — I started to feel better about myself and my place in life. I began to feel more optimistic about my chances of succeeding in my most important life goals. And not only more optimistic, but also more eager to begin the work to achieve these goals. In other words, I was suddenly hyper-focused and motivated to do work. Caught up in this feeling, I quickly cranked out a couple of articles. I felt a tremendous sense of happiness and hope for the future. It was intensely pleasant.

These incredible feelings of optimism, happiness, and hope gradually tapered off after the first couple hours. However, all the other effects, such as the focus and motivation and eagerness for self-improvement, remained for several hours after ingestion. I seemed to be experiencing that “warm glow” effect, and these effects didn’t disappear for at least 5-7 hours. Even reading in bed that night, I was super interested in the book I was reading, and I read for a long time without getting bored.

Very positive second trial.

Why I Believe Kratom Is A Nootropic

After my initial trials with kratom, I was thoroughly convinced that kratom is a nootropic, and I think this will be officially acknowledged by the medical community in the future. The combination of optimism for the future and increased focus and motivation creates just the right attitude and atmosphere for personal growth and learning.

While it may not augment something easily measurable like memory, in my opinion kratom has many benefits for learning. During use, you have a strong desire to improve yourself and your position in life, and this desire results in more productive work, more sustained work, and a yearning for knowledge that I haven’t experienced before. Simple but tiresome tasks such as reading are more enjoyable. Instead of wanting to stop work for the night relatively early, I’m able to continue working into the night without any lapses in focus or attention. I believe my knowledge has increased substantially since my first use.

Kratom Use, Now and in the Future: Usage, Dosage, and Strains

I continue to use kratom a couple times a week. I usually take a couple-day break in between usage, and every six months or so I take a whole month off. This keeps my tolerance down as well as limits the potential for addiction or abuse.

Like I mentioned above, my “sweet spot” is about 3.6 grams. I prefer the Bali kratom from Coastline Kratom, but every once in a while I like to try different vendors and different strains. Varying your strains can also help to keep your tolerance low.

If you want to know more about kratom, you can learn more about kratom here.

Final Thoughts on Kratom and My Experience

While certainly not for everybody, kratom is a very interesting supplement. I personally prefer it to something like alcohol, which usually just depresses my cognitive function and motivation, and there is no morning hangover with kratom. Conversely, reports have frequently detailed a “warm-glow” effect that can last into the next morning and continue the following day.

But everybody’s experience will differ. If you have an addictive personality, I recommend you stay away from kratom. I believe the reports are correct when they suggest the potential for addiction. Heed these warnings carefully. Don’t get caught up and do more harm than good. Be cautious and careful to monitor your use. If you think you’re heading toward an addiction, pull back on the reins. Kratom can be a wonderful supplement, but like anything, too much of a good thing is not good.

What works for one person may not for another. One person’s “sweet spot” will be too much or too little for someone else. All you can do is try it yourself to see what it’s like and what it can do for you.

Kratom has helped me realize and actualize my full potential, and I plan on continuing to allow this amazing herb assist me on my journey to achieve my life goals.

I hope this thorough kratom review has been helpful to you. Please feel free to send me a line about your own experiences with kratom.

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